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PixelPhone Pro v2.7.6 APK

Incredibly easy to manage your Contacts and Phone!

PixelPhone PRO: play.google.comt.pixelrush
Incredibly easy to manage your Contacts and Phone.
xPhone is a fast speed, stylish design, comfort and functionality. Feel the difference!

•Quick and easy organization of favorite contacts into groups
•Smooth scrolling groups up and down
•Quickly navigate to a group by swiping your finger
•Tap on bottom group indicator to hand pick a group
•Different size of icons and labels to contacts for each group
•Favorite action for contact in one-touch (call, send message, locate address, ...)
•The contact card with details and history of calls
•Classic or widescreen background image for groups
•Quick T9 search through all fields of contacts and call history
•Support for multiple languages for T9 search
•Customizable dialpad size (small, medium and large)
•Display the call history (the grouping, missed/all calls ...)
•Support dialpad gestures (hide the keyboard, clean filters or undo input)
•Customizable contact list (photos, phone number, organization, ...)
•Speed ​​Dial
•Clipboard support

What's in this version : (Updated : Mar 26, 2013)

•Fixed: App activation
•Added: Preferences design
•Added: Contacts - Search for N contacts
•Added: Contacts - Display Settings - Groups by accounts visibility
•Added: Contacts - Display Settings - Contacts count
•Added: Favorites - XHDPI screen quality
•Fixed: Contacts initialization
•Fixed: Contact details sort order
•Other minor fixes


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