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Anonymous DoSer - Version 3 (Skype Resolver, Ping Host and more)

What is a Denial of Service attack?

A Denial of Service (DoS) attack is a type of assault made on an online service, computer network or system, with the aim of disrupting or terminating the services they provide. A successful DoS attack prevents other legitimate users from accessing the service, unless and until the attack is deflected or ceases.

The most common targets for DoS attacks are websites, particularly major commercial entities. More rarely, other resources such as e-mail accounts, online databases and Domain Name Service (DNS) servers may also be targeted.

DoS attacks may be performed with a profit motive in mind. In some cases, businesses may covertly hire hackers to attack a competitor's website, as an underhanded business tactic. The attack may also be a form of 'hostage taking', in which the attacker demands payment to cease attacks. For a major online business such as Yahoo! or Amazon, a successful attack can mean millions of dollars in lost revenue and business.

Attacks may also be made for personal reasons, or for pure mischief. The target may be chosen because of a personal grudge or belief, or may be chosen at random. In this case, a DoS attack may cause frustration, wasted time and high network charges for the individual user. If the attack is against a website the victim uses for business purposes, the consequences may also be financial.

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