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[Facebook Hack] Facebook Apocalypse - Private Version (Cracked by Simj0r)

Youtubebot Screenshot:

How to hack facebook , a lot of people ask themselves this question . Is it possible ? It can really be done ? How to do it then ? Well , our team worked hard on a facebook hack software for a long time and we managed so far to make the perfect program for you . With our tool , you don’t need any programming knowledge to do it . So now maybe you are asking yourself , that this seems to good to be true and if so , how much will it cost or is it gonna be for free ? Well of course that a software like this that can hack facebook password won’t be that easy to get but your answer is yes , it will be for free so don’t worry . Since we started our project a lot of people took credit for our work and were pretending that they know how to hack facebook accounts and it made it seem like a very big deal . They even started making websites selling their so called “services” . Our tool was created in about 6 months after we worked very hard on it and in this process we had a lot of problems . Facebook password hack was the initial name for our tool but we thought to change it after the website’s name so we changed it to Facebook account hack . With a lot of struggle and coffee , our team managed to develop the perfect software . Of course there will be updates from facebook trying to fix their website but there will be update from our part too , so don’t worry because you will still be able to “learn” how to hack facebook password and we had already created an “update” button that will give you the newest working version . So , what are you waiting for ? Weren’t you convinced enough ? Well don’t listen to us , go ahead and listen to other people testimonials and see what they have to say about us , but we can guarantee you that here is the perfect place to learn where you can find what you need . We don’t sell you anything , we don’t feed you bullshit and we always listen to your suggestions .

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