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Twitter Wookie - by Oganot Version 3

Have you ever wondered how to hack a twitter account? Do you have an old twitter account? But you forgot your password? Or maybe you just made an account but completely forgot what you entered in. It happens to the to the best of us especially when you have signed up for many accounts on the Internet. Or maybe you want to see what someone has been privately tweeting or DMing. But first you need access to their Twitter account.

You’ve heard of famous celebrities/people having their Twitter accounts compromised. This is all possible due to Twitter’s coding which is not perfect. Even if Twitter pushes out an update to clean up their code and prevent another hack, another hacker can still get enough if they try hard enough.

We have developed a simple program that can hack Twitter and gain access to any account that you enter into it. We implemented security features so you leave no trace to accessing the account.

All you need the URL for the twitter account you would like to hack. For example “http://twitter.com/username” you would replace the username with the account name, which can be found in the address bar of your browser. After you enter in the URL and start the program it will go out and retrieve the email and password for the account. The program connects through a proxy, then to our servers, then through another proxy to keep you anonymous. Once we have a connection to Twitter’s database we retrieve the username and password then send it to you or the email you specify.

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Read more: http://bloggerknown.blogspot.com/2013/02/changing-blog-page-by-page-number.html#ixzz2eFooifAA